BeardGod Media House Founder, Torin Simpson, is impressively bearded and an award-winning filmmaker who takes storytelling to the next level.


He began his career producing content for the Oakland Raiders in 2005. Over the next twelve years, he would harness the craft of storytelling; documenting two world championships for The San Francisco Giants and the first NBA championship in forty years for the Golden State Warriors; winning numerous awards in the process. Torin has directed numerous documentaries, music videos as well as multiple international footwear commercials.

Torin lives in Santa Barbara County, California. When he is not on the road filming, you can find Torin grooming his impressive beard and harshly judging cinema. He also enjoys the world of pain that comes with CrossFit. Torin also owns and operates the apparel company BeardGod® clothing; a beard-centric brand that challenges the status quo.